Tell us about what has been making you unhappy at the Sobell since BetterGLL took over, but make sure you tell them too. Use the complaints procedure if you are not happy with any aspect of the services or facilities at the Sobell Centre.

Since BetterGLL took over the Sobell, members and users have found that the managers do not respond to our comments, queries or complaints – this is one of the reasons for this website. So, keep a record of all your contact with BetterGLL as evidence of your complaint.

Follow up your complaint if you do not get a response within three working days – according to BetterGLL’s website, this is the time in which they are supposed to get back to you.

When BetterGLL doesn’t get back to you in three working days, which most of us have experienced, don’t forget to let us know — we’re on Facebook and Twitter.

Making a complaint in person

You can make a face-to-face complaint to the manager on duty (the duty manager) while you are still at the Sobell.

Ask to see the duty manager at the front desk/reception.

Make a note of the duty manager’s name, the time and date of your complaint, and the action they said they would take.

Don’t forget to follow up, if you do not receive a response in three working days.

Using the comments card

You can also use the comments care to make a complaint while you are at the Sobell. They are available in the reception area.

Take a photograph of your complaint before posting it in the comments box as a record of your complaint.

Don’t forget to follow up, if you do not receive a response in three working days. Your photo of will provide evidence of your complaint.

Complaining online

You can make a complaint using the Sobell Leisure Centre contact us form in the BetterGLL website.

You can keep a record of your online complaint by making a screen print (screen grab).