Poor standards, poor service, lack of information and consultation about changes, and frankly, the BetterGLL management’s rudeness and arrant disregard for members, customers and users of Sobell Leisure Centre, Islington is the reason for this website and associated social media.

BetterGLL does not respond to our complaints or comments. They do not listen to us.

As members, users and customers of Sobell Centre, we have joined together to voice our grave concern about what BetterGLL is doing at the Sobell and our fears for the future of a well-loved provider of affordable health and fitness activities, and a leisure resource for ordinary people in the local community.

There are a number of changes that have taken place, and others that are due to take place – in particular, the trampoline park – that we did not and do not want. We don’t like what BetterGLL is doing to our gym. We didn’t ask them to and they have not consulted we us.

There is nothing better about what GLL is doing to the Sobell. We want to make this known.

Please join us if you care about the future of Sobell Leisure Centre as a resource for the community too.

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