Petition against trampoline park now launched – Please sign it!

The petition against GLL’s trampoline park at Sobell Leisure Centre has been launched and is live on

It’s quick and simple to sign. You only need to add a one-line message to say you object to the trampoline park and who you are – whether you’re a 5-a-side footballer, squash player, volleyballer, badminton player, netballer, basketballer, Sobell user, Sobell member, local resident or simply care about this.  Please sign.

We need as many signatures as possible

There aren’t that many days left to get as many signatures as possible. Please share the link and encourage anyone you know who objects to the trampoline park or anything else GLL/Better are doing to/at the Sobell and other leisure facilities in Islington to sign the petition too.

Caroline Russell, Green Party Ward Councillor for Highbury East, has agreed to present the petition at the next full meeting of Islington Council, which is at 7.30 pm on Thursday 29 June.

The petition reads:

We the undersigned petition Islington Council to call a halt to the un-democratic changes proposed to the sports facilities at the Sobell Centre in Finsbury Park.

Buried in 152 pages of budget proposals approved at the last Budget Council meeting on 23 February were a few brief sentences saying Sobell Centre managers GLL had a proposal for a trampoline park but gave no details of size, timing or funding. Immediately following this meeting however and with absolutely no public consultation, the council agreed GLL could convert half the Sobell sports hall into a trampoline park. We believe Islington Council has acted secretively and is in breach of its statutory duty to consult.

Islington residents and other Sobell customers need access to these precious, Olympic standard, mixed use, communal sports facilities and not a money generating, recreational leisure attraction. We urge Islington Council to review their lack of any prior public consultation and the reasoning behind this ill thought-out proposal.

Sign our petition

If you believe Islington Council is in breach of its statutory duty to consult. Sign.

If you are concerned about GLL’s lack of consultation with customers and local residents in the running of local leisure services. Sign.

If you want Sobell to remain a top-class leisure facility that continues to be able to offer diverse sports and fitness activities to the wide range of users. Sign.

If you care about the architectural importance and heritage of the Sobell, nominated for listing at national level by the Twentieth Century Society when threatened with demolition in 2012. Sign.

If you care about the Sobell’s Olympic legacy following its use as Team GB’s London 2012 volley team training centre. Sign.

If you are concerned about GLL’s domination of local authority leisure ‘market’. Sign.


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